Strengthening Organizations

“We have a great strategy, but we can’t seem to execute.” “We need to be more market focused and closer to the customer.” “We have a convoluted matrix and it’s so hard to get things done.” These symptoms and others indicate a need to reconfigure the company’s operating model, structure and key processes.

But how? Beware the flavor of the day business book. Look before you leap. Involve your leaders in uncovering root causes to performance issues and have them design systems that work in the real world. We help leaders change their companies using proven methods that produce high quality results and increase their commitment to the outcome.

Organizational Assessment

A common response to organizational performance issues is to re-draw boxes and lines on the back of a napkin and then start socializing the answer. Experience has taught us that “intervention without diagnosis is malpractice.” We have a structured methodology rooted in behavioral science that engages leaders in assessing organizational effectiveness. This helps uncover the seen and hidden issues affecting performance. It also aligns leaders on what to solve for and how to solve it. When it comes to redesigning organizations, look before you leap.

Organization Design

Don’t be confused by business books pitching the newest concept in operating models or flexible work arrangements. It’s not that complicated. There are just two questions to answer in organization design: 1) Given our strategy, what groups do we want to create? and 2) How do we link these groups together? That’s it. We use a structured, objective process that engages your leaders, builds commitment and helps them do this important work the right way.

Management Systems Development

How do you connect efforts across geographies or major business units? How can the company leverage centers of excellence? How can you get sales, marketing, product and research teams to work seamlessly? The answer is to develop the right linking mechanisms, and the challenge is twofold: First is choosing the vital few mechanisms (which is relatively easy). The second is implementing them (this is harder). We help you solve for both parts of this equation.

Leadership Model Redesign (Internal Governance)

Executive committees. Innovation Councils. Operating committees. Strategic planning groups, etc. So many choices and opportunities to create enterprise level leadership teams and manage internal governance processes. Which ones do we need? What are these teams accountable for? How do we keep it simple and leverage executive time? We help you answer these questions and reconfigure your enterprise leadership teams for maximum impact.

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