Welcome to The River Group, Peter Uher, PhD!

April 21, 2021 — Peter Uher, PhD, an expert in leadership and organizational development, has joined The River Group, a global boutique leadership consulting firm that helps transform and strengthen leadership teams, organizations and organizational cultures. 

“The River Group’s mission to make every organization and executive stronger is one I’ve strived to live by in my 30-year career,” Uher says. “I look forward to working with leaders of our client organizations to help them grow personally and professionally to sustain a positive impact on their customers, employees and communities.” 

Uher coaches CEOs and C-Suite leaders on issues of strategic alignment, organization design, management processes and culture. He works with boards of directors and C-Suite leaders to improve succession planning and leadership effectiveness and assesses executives for selection and development.  

Uher also supports client organizations in implementing a variety of human capital processes, including those for selecting, placing, developing and retaining key employees. He has worked with a diverse group of client organizations including start-ups, privately held, non-profit, and Fortune 100 companies. He has considerable experience working within the Consumer Products, Healthcare, Financial Services, Technology and Utility & Energy industries and with private equity firms and their portfolio companies. 

“I work with executives as they take on new roles and responsibilities with their current company or a new one,” Uher says. “also help leaders to refocus on new priorities to restructure and refocus their teams as a result of a new strategy, merger or reorganization.” 

Another of his strengths is working with private equity firms to ensure portfolio companies have capable management team during the entire investment cycle“I help investors to evaluate the capability otarget company’s management team and determine the talent and organization changes that may be needed post acquisition to effectively execute strategy and deliver on the investment thesis.” 

Interested in learning more about Uher or working with him to become a more effective executive, organization or team? Visit our Team Page or email him directly at Peter.Uher@trgglobal.com.


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