Navigating a Perfect Storm: Notes from The Captains’ Logs

A global pandemic. Social unrest. Economic and political upheaval. In 2020, organizations across the world faced a series of challenges like never before, a perfect storm if you will. As 2021 now nears its close, organizations, and frankly the world, are still experiencing a prolonged period of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity).

Over the past 20 months, we’ve heard incredible stories of organizations that have transformed themselves to address, overcome, and in some cases, emerge stronger from these challenges.

The 5 lessons CEOs learned during their journey to build an agile organization.

In our latest research, Navigating a Perfect Storm: Notes from the Captains’ Logs, we set out to explore what CEOs and Senior Business Leaders have done since early 2020 to build and sustain agile organizations that could respond quickly to the challenges at hand, while simultaneously setting their organizations up for long-term successes.

Through 1:1 interviews with CEOs and Senior Business Leaders, what followed is an account of what worked, what didn’t, and what their teams have since learned about building and sustaining agile organizations.

As we hopefully continue to move towards a period of less VUCA, the challenge now becomes sustaining this momentum and not forgetting the things that have been done throughout the past 20 months that brought about great transformation, innovation, efficiency, and successes in facing these challenges head-on.

To read our full report on Organizational Agility, please download Navigating a Perfect Storm, below.


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