Growing Enterprise Leaders

Teaching others to fish. Collaborating across silos. Unleashing innovation. Cultural M&A integration. To compete over the long haul and secure a bright future, organizations need a pipeline of leaders with these enterprise leadership skills. Yet these skills are in short supply and take time to develop.

In addition, already successful leaders need a different kind of development experience to hone these skills. Our development, coaching and succession planning processes help leaders unlearn well worn practices, open up to significant personal change and learn from intensive, candid feedback. That’s what it takes.

CEO-Led Enterprise Leadership Programs

Something special happens when you put a group of executives together for a common purpose. Our bespoke cohort-based programs emphasize executive level collaboration on real-world strategic initiatives and the development of enterprise leadership skills. Our programs involve Board members as sponsors and mentors, providing visibility to the Board on the leadership pipeline. We engage thought leaders on the most relevant topics affecting today’s business climate. We craft highly interactive learning experiences that have a purpose, where the organization benefits as much as the participants.

Executive Development and Coaching

What does “next level” look like for already successful leaders? For most, it’s a matter of learning how to scale up and leverage their impact. Yet that’s easier said than done. If it were easy, anyone could do it. With that, our assessment and coaching methodology provides the rigor and intensity needed to help executives at this level make visible, long lasting behavioral changes. It takes commitment and persistence on the executive’s part coupled with support from the CEO, coaches, mentors and colleagues.

C-Suite Succession Planning

An organization without an upcoming class of capable enterprise leaders is a company with no future. The first step is getting top leadership alignment on the kind of leaders you need in the future. We engage the CEO, Board and current C-Suite to develop a custom enterprise leadership competency profile that fits your organization’s context. Then we use the profile to to help you assess and develop current leaders, identify the next generation of leaders, uncover “hidden gems”, and plan for succession.

Success Stories


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