Driving Growth & Transformation

Strategic turnarounds, transformational acquisitions, cultural change efforts and organic growth initiatives have a lot in common: Most of them fail, and the causes are widely known.

The keys to success are widely known too. It’s about leadership, talent and change management. We have tools and methods to help leaders do what’s needed to succeed. Warning: If it were easy, anyone could do it.

M&A Integration

Why do more than two thirds of acquisitions fail to achieve their promise? Because top leadership’s attention is consumed with the financial, legal and regulatory issues, yet what actually determines success or failure are the human capital and cultural integration factors. We’ve developed an extensive playbook that helps leaders stay focused on what really matters to integration success. It’s about communication, organizational change, and culture.

Strategy-Driven Transformation

A well-articulated strategy may cost millions in advisory fees and require an MBA to understand. Creating the elegant grand plan is easy. What’s hard is getting leadership to implement it. Based on over twenty years of experience in this work, our transformation roadmap helps leaders pull the right levers at the right time, all done with the human element in mind. That’s where it gets interesting.

Driving Innovation and Growth

What is the secret sauce that helps some companies innovate, disrupt and grow organically over and over again, while others shrink and lose share? We combine research and insights into a straightforward approach that unleashes your organization’s potential. The good news: the best ideas for growth and innovation already exist in your company. The bad news: your leaders and culture may be the greatest inhibitor to leveraging these ideas. More on that later.

Culture Change

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. There is debate over who coined the term, but there’s no debate as to its wisdom. Cultural change is not for the faint of heart and it can take 2 years or more in large organizations. However, there is a blueprint for success. It’s not any one single initiative but an integrated and coordinated series of actions that achieve cultural change. Over the years we’ve learned that it’s more about perspiration than inspiration. We’ll help you develop the plan and then sweat it out with you.

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