Building Leadership Teams

Many leadership teams are just groups of top leaders that meet periodically. Yet they have a lot more to offer the company.

We bring tools, proven methods and cutting edge ideas to help leadership teams do the right work in the right way and provide more value than ever before. It’s not about feeling like a team, it’s about doing the work and being a team.

Developing High Performance Leadership Teams

Teams need much more than positive relationships to succeed. Our methodology is practical and focused on first identifying the right work for the team. Then we help the team build structures, work processes and relationships for doing the right work exceptionally well. We have an extensive toolkit for increasing the performance of executive teams. The result is tangible leadership value to the company.

Accelerating Cross-Functional Teamwork

Every organization wants better cross-functional teamwork, yet few do it well. Most business strategies require seamless, integrated work across business units, functions, and shared services teams. Creating strong groups is relatively easy, but getting them to collaborate is hard and takes a long time. We help leaders deploy a set of tools for linking teams together in efficient, natural and sustainable ways. The tools are not complicated, they just need to be used!

Creating an Aligned Leadership Cadre

Powerful, lasting change can happen when a significant cadre of the company’s top leaders work in an aligned way. Like a world-class symphony, each group of leaders has their own distinct voice, yet they contribute to the whole. This requires more than just entertaining leadership meetings. We bring methods for aligning large groups of leaders to a common purpose while accomplishing meaningful, productive work. Fun events are good. Fun events with real outcomes are better.

Distributing Leadership Accountability

In an ever accelerating, rapidly evolving business climate, no longer can a single team leader do it alone. In high performing teams, power and accountability are truly distributed across team members. Leadership is a team sport and there are no free rides. Each team member must know how to be a good leader at times and a good follower at others. We show teams how to distribute leadership and increase their power. It’s not rocket science, but it’s a different way of operating.

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