We publish a range of materials across a wide variety of topics. Viewpoints is our occasional short-form commentary on issues relating to leaders and leadership. For more in-depth discussion see our range of white papers.

Viewpoints can be read on its respective webpage or as a downloaded PDF. Our white papers are all PDFs.

Viewpoint issues


From Great Entrepreneur to Great Leader

Making the personal shift from being the entrepreneur who starts a business to the leader of a larger enterprise

Advising CEOs

CEO Evaluation

A missed opportunity

Advising CEOs

Value Destruction by the Unprepared

The Cost of Complacency is Rising. Be Prepared.

Advising CEOs

Working With a CEO Coach

A sign of confidence

Advising CEOs


The Five Seismic Shifts

Changing the leadership development landscape

Growing Leaders

Rudeness Derails Leaders

It’s not just unpleasant

Growing Leaders

Leaders Developing Leaders

As stewards of the organization, it is the obligation of senior leaders to energetically lead the development of future leaders

Growing Leaders


Building a Better Executive Team

Measure the quality of dialogue as a proxy for the quality of decision-making

Developing Leadership Teams

Build It and They Will Lead

The Executive Team Series: Number Two of Three

Developing Leadership Teams

Good Plow, Wrong Field

The Executive Team Series: Number One of Three

Developing Leadership Teams


Leading Through Rapid Growth

A great problem to have?

Transforming Organizations

Continuous Conversations

The heart of performance management

Transforming Organizations

Merger Integration – Day One – A CEO’s Tale

The Acquisition Closes. It Is Day One. You Are CEO Of The New Combined Entity. What Do You Do?

Transforming Organizations

Cracking the Code on Failed M&A Leadership

What Disney, Amazon and Exxon did that Omnicom, Lehman and Lucent didn’t

Transforming Organizations