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Conquer Culture Change by Attacking This Challenge

Few things are more daunting than your strategy having ‘Culture Change’ among the priorities for the year.

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How to Orchestrate a Successful Company Transformation

At some point in their careers, nearly all CEOs face the challenge of dramatically changing their businesses and organizations in order to sustain the success of their companies.

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Achieving the Promise of Transformational M&A Integration

Merger and acquisition deals have slowed a bit lately, yet there are several impending deals in the news; Aetna’s acquisition of Humana, Danone and WhiteWave Foods, and Medivation opening its books to potential buyers.

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Leading Through Rapid Growth

Rapid growth is a great problem to have?

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We Need to Talk

Every year organizations invest thousands of man-hours in the annual performance review.

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It’s All About Talent: Insights from Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For

Fortune’s most popular issue every year is the “The Best 100 Companies to Work For.”

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Failed M&A Leadership

M&A activity is heating up, but are these deals also destined to fail?

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The Secret to Unlocking Organizational Agility

The secret to unlocking organizational agility.

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Changing Your Performance Management? – Tips for the CHRO

If you are not already doing it, you may be thinking about changing the performance management process in your organization.

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Building a Sustainable Family Owned Business

Family businesses contribute an estimated 70% to global GDP but statistics show that 65% of family wealth is lost by the second generation and 90% by the third generation.

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Organization Assessment

Like doctors, we believe that intervention without diagnosis is malpractice.

Why is something happening? What is the cause? Why is something else not happening? What is blocking it?

How long a diagnosis takes, and how extensive it is depends on the context. But, we know that visible symptoms indicating either pain or joy do not always represent the true underlying causes.

And before knowing what action to take, we need to know the true causes.

Diagnostics are an essential part of improving organizational effectiveness, especially in accelerating the implementation of a new strategy.

Organization Transformation

Leading a transformation is a specific leadership skill. We define it as:

The inspiring, energetic and collaborative pursuit of a strategy that requires a change in the fundamental nature of the business. It is relentlessly driven forward by leaders of integrity. They lead by example and a demonstrated commitment to the greater good of the company. They engender the trust and support necessary from those they lead.

By definition, a transformation, requires a major change effort. This is mostly the consequence of a change in strategy.

Once the strategic direction is defined, we support CEOs and senior leaders in architecting change.

Culture Alignment

Strategy is what is visible, on the surface. Culture is unseen. But in a battle between culture and strategy, culture always wins.

Redefining the strategy is much easier than reshaping the culture.

It can take years, and is a formidable challenge that should be owned and led by the CEO and the leadership group. Because culture is the result of what leaders do; how they behave.

M&A Integration

It’s exhilarating chasing the deal. It’s logical deciding which factories to close. It’s rational choosing which processes to merge.

But still most M&As fail.

They wouldn’t if the same discipline and diligence that is applied to the financials of closing the deal are also applied to leadership and cultural issues.

The River Strength Meter: Merger Integration

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Organization Design

Organizations are complex social systems. Redesign requires significant changes to structure, decision-making processes and senior roles.

But this work can get messy—fast. It needs to be rigorous and disciplined.

Who does a design? The CEO is responsible. But, with boundary conditions, you can minimize politics and reduce staff anxiety by involving senior leaders.

The River Strength Meter: Organization Design

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