Leadership Assessment

For River, at its heart, leading is about an obligation to serve. Leaders affect the lives of many, and it is a role that should not be taken lightly. It comes with a heavy burden of responsibility.

Great leadership working with a poor strategy can succeed for a while, but a great strategy with poor leadership will always fail.

Strong leadership in any organization is a strategic advantage.

Leadership development is personal development. Heightened readiness for increased responsibility involves preparation, personal reflection, openness and practice.

Our approach to assessing leadership capability, and potential, depends on the context. We are certified in a range of psychometric tools and 360 instruments that we can deploy according to the situation. We are tool agnostic and use only those pertinent to the specific context. We rely heavily on our own experience and training to observe, inquire and assess individuals as well.

diagram of The River Group approach to leadership assessment

We are strong believers in 360 feedback but 360 done right and done well. Research shows that high performing leadership is correlated with the ability and willingness to listen to and act upon feedback. 360 quickly builds self-awareness.

Our 360s are both interview-based and online. They are customized to an organization’s leadership model, or are research-based generic leadership skills. Our 360s can evaluate for competence and for behavior. The higher an individual rises in an organization the more likely her success or failure will be caused by her behavior; not her skills.

Most importantly, we evaluate for potential. Learning agility is a strong predictor of leadership potential. And all organizations need a pipeline of future leaders.