CEO Excellence: In The Spotlight

CEOs need to achieve results faster than ever before. Their vertical climb is steeper. The spotlight is more intense. There is no grace period for today’s CEOs.

Suddenly everyone is looking at you. You can’t hide. Every word is scrutinized, every indicator of body language is interpreted. Your mood is contagious.

These days CEOs need to achieve results faster than ever before. The expectation is greater. Tenure is shorter.

In an isolated role, you need feedback and counsel from those who have a deep appreciation of what it feels like to be CEO.

The River Strength Meter: CEO Excellence

Failing Struggling Coping Performing Succeeding Excelling

CEO Succession Planning: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

It is the most important job of any Board. Find the next CEO.

Yet, complacency by Boards is common. Many are just unprepared for managing CEO succession.

When unprepared, they tend to hire from outside. But, over the long-term, insider CEOs provide higher shareholder returns.

The River Strength Meter: CEO Succession

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